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Auto-justierbare 90 Grad Holzbearbeitung Klammer

Sucht ihr einen kleinen Helfer bei Holzbearbeitung? Aus dem fernen Ost bekommt ihr heute dank der Flashdeals eine auto-justierbare 90 Grad Holzbearbeitung Klammer für 10,87 Euro inkl. Versand nach Hause. Der Preis reduziert sich automatisch im Warenkorb.

Im Preisvergleich zahlt man sonst mindestens 19 Euro. Hier lassen sich also gute 8,13 Euro sparen.


Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + Plastic

Length: 9.5 Inch/24cm

Max Clamping Thickness: 1 Inch/25.4mm

Weight: 580g

Quantity: 1pc


1. Can works on 90° corners and “T” joints.

2. This 90° Corner Clamp combines the function of a corner clamp with the middle of a face frame clamp and

adds innovative auto-adjusting technology to create the clamp for box construction.

3. Pull drawer boxes into alignment quickly and easily.

4. Assemble and secure 90° shelving in a snap.

5. Self-squaring design aligns individual joints every time.

6. Large clamping surface protects softwoods against workpiece imprint.

7. Includes quick-adjust handle for pressure; It makes up for varying stock thicknesses up to 1″.

8. Cast aluminum “V” and Wedges Clamp pads.

9. Cutout allows driving a pocket-hole screw without removing Clamp


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