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Xiaomi elektronisches Thermometer 0,1° Genauigkeit @TomTop

von: pRoFeX

Top elektronisches Thermometer mit 0,1° Genauigkeit. Natürlich von Xiaomi 😉

CouponCode: „STPAS0083W“

Kostenfreie Lieferung, kein Zoll da unter Freibetrag, 10-20 Tage.


* MiaoMiaoCe medical electronic thermometer battery cover adopts unique design and has transparent storage set, durable and tough, carrying outside conveniently.

* Beep sound makes you get the accurate data timely. When the beep sound begins, the body temperature you see as referent temperature, you can continue to measure for 3 minutes to get more accurate data.

* Detecion region is waterproof, convenient and easy to clean.

* Mouth and oxter measuring conveniently, meet the need of any measuring situation.* Without mercury, it is more healthier and environmentally friendly.


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