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Xiaomi SIMI Fußball Roboter 2

von: pRoFeX

Nagelneu! Endlich erhältlich. Die Xiaomi Fußball Roboter (2er Set). Für Single- oder Multiplayer Spaß ;). Günstigster Preis bei TomTop!

CouponCode: „STPAA0226“

Kostenfreier Versand, LZ 15-25 Tage.

Main Features:

● Simple manipulation, multiple footworks get a lot of professional support from players.

● Small size, more flexible site selection, play with it anywhere and anytime.

● Comes with stickers, decorate your RC robot and form a team by stickers‘ type.● Suitable for office building, brothers dinner, class reunion, etc.

● Beginner and professional modes can be switched easily.

● ABS + PP material, meets the environmental requirements of EU RoHS

● Power supply: 10 x battery, not included ( 4 batteries for each robot, 2 batteries for remote controller )




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