Final Destination kostenlos statt 0,99€ (Google Play Store)

von: DealStar

Heute habe ich für Euch die App

  • Final Destination

Kostenlos erhältlich im Google Play Store, vorher 0,99€.

The game is a casual finger-maze-runner game that comes with 2 modes.


– There are plenty of challenging mazes designed for you.

– What you need to do is to avoid all the obstacles while navigating to the destination in order to pass the maze. – More requirements or constraints will apply to the mazes behind.You better be careful.


– The maze will have infinite length that filled up with a bunchof randomly generated obstacles. – What you need to do is to keep running and avoid all the obstacles so as to keep yourself survive.- The speed will get increment slowly from time to time. You better watch out closely.

I have to warn you that this is not an easy mission. Are you up for the challenges?


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