Ekstar Shooter kostenlos statt 4,49€ (Google Play Store)

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Heute habe ich für Euch die App

  • Ekstar Shooter: Shooting Game

Kostenlos erhältlich im Google Play Store, vorher 7,49€.

# Game Instructions

– Fight automatically fired bullets, players simply control the aircraftwith your fingers, fighter can change the direction.- There are three forms of our fighters, all kinds of fighters attack with the power of bullets are not the same.- Enemy aircraft are also divided into several, each enemy aircraft blood, movement, attack mode is also different.- Enemy aircraft will enter violent mode when blood volume drops to a certain threshold.- BOSS has a variety of state mode, move with the bullet type will change with the corresponding state.- A variety of props will appear in the game, such as missiles, bullets, etc., players can enhance the combat power through the props.- The game has a variety of game effects, such as fighter bombing, missile detonation, invincible glory, gorgeous screen.- The game is divided into six levels, the level increases as the score increases, and the enemy will become more and more powerful.- The game will record scores, shoot down different enemy aircraft to obtain the corresponding score, the score represents the record.


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