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  • BattleWords Word Game (Deutsch)

Kostenlos erhältlich im Google Play Store, vorher 1,99€.

This is the AD-FREE version of BattleWords. However,the free version only contains one small ad which is located in a non-annoying position, so be sure to check out the free version before purchasing this!

BattleWords is a fast-paced multiplayer word game available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile!Challenge friends and random opponents to online games or play offline by yourself.

Create words on the 4×4 tile board by swiping. Earn extra word score by creating lengthy words and by using special tiles. Special tiles include: bonus tiles for extra word score, time tiles for more seconds of play time and power tiles for the ultimate word scoring opportunity.Online games consist of three turns at a minimum of 60 seconds per turn.


In BattleWords you can select the type of game you favor most.There are Normal games in which used tiles are replaced with new tiles. In this mode you may build any same word as many times as you are capable. The other mode is called Sticky in which used tiles remain on the board, a word can therefore only be made once but you can often make variations of said word or similar words (example: hi, hit, hits, hitter).


★ matchmaking to find random opponents

★ four types of tile regular, bonus, power & time

★ normal and sticky game modes

★ 480 avatars to choose from for your online profile

★ stats & achievements to track your progress

★ chat with opponents


In BattleWords you can play in the following languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


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