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Tamagotchi HD in Pink (es ist zurück) @TomTop

von: pRoFeX

Es ist wieder da, das Tamagotchi :). In einer HD Variante mit neuen Funktionen. Für die Nostalgiker unter uns.

CouponCode: „STT1551“

Versand kostenfrei, kein Zoll, 7-20 Tage LZ.


  • HD Color Screen for better game experience.
  • Can connect with other pet game machine by infrared connection.
  • Funny game machines with small size, you can take it anywhere as you like.
  • A lifelike pet game, a pet that would hungry, get pain, get married and have babies…just as in the real life.
  • Are you still hesitating about what to choose as a holiday or birthday present for your child or friends? This game machine would be you best choice.


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